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Album plays a critical role in the presentation and reception of our podcasts. We have a few standards for our album art images.

Main Sizes

Album Art should be based on an image larger than 1400 pixels by 1400 pixels and scaled down to exactly 1400 pixels by 1400 pixels. In addition:

  • Album Art must be created square for use with iTunes and Media Players and created horizontally larger for use on the website
    • The square ratio is of course, 1:1 but 9:9 is more descriptive as the second ratio is 9:5. So a 1400 pixel by 1400 pixel image (the minimum iTunes image size now) will also need a 1400 pixels by 778 pixels image too

So it's best to design for a widescreen album art image in the 9:9 ratio and then crop the 9:5 part out.


The CMS prefers larger images. They will be scaled accordingly to wherever they are used in the theme automatically. The CMS uses currently:

  • large villain image (seen on the front page along the top)
  • medium sized hero images seen on individual pages in the hero
  • smaller images are used per episode individually used on archive pages and the showboard on the front page

The CMS needs both the square and wide images eventually, when we launch on iTunes, but for now the wide image suffices.