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At The Nexus is's premiere podcast. With networking tech and flooring laying extraordinaire Matthew Petschl and link blogger Ryan Rampersad, the podcast covers each week's technology news, rumors and legal disputes in technology sector along with a plug-and-unplug section things the hosts like and dislike.


At The Nexus has been following a regular weekly schedule since November 13, 2011. There is a complete list of At The Nexus episodes.

Episode Structure

The current episode structure consists of:

  1. Roll-in - Basically anything before the news, though it usually contains the greetings, introductions, banter, off-topic inclusions and more.
    • approximately 10-15 minutes
  2. Lightning - A fast paced round table alternating news section. Each story is briefly mentioned in headline format and extended comments are sometimes brought up as well. Lightning stories are typically not in the Main Topics.
    • 15-20 minutes
  3. Plugs-and-Unplugs - Formerly Apps of the Week, this segment allows each host to promote something they like and to "rip" something they dislike, usually limited to digital products or services, apps, applications and other such things
    • 10-15 minutes
  4. Main Topics - Generally a lengthy discussion on a few very important large stories of the week.
    • approximately 15-25 minutes
  5. Ending - A few concluding thoughts, off-topic banter, and usually a 'Where can we find you on the Internet...?' for each of the episode participants.

Currently, Ryan has each show go for about an hour and twenty minutes with about twenty minutes before and after each show for going over notes and post-show metadata like show titles, subtitles and more.


There have been a number of notable guests on At The Nexus.

Recurring Jokes

As many have noted, there are recurring jokes used in many sequential episodes of At The Nexus.

  • "And by X, I mean Y..."
    • e.g. "Do you want to talk about Facebook? And by Facebook, I mean YouTube?"
  • "You know... our competitors..."
  • Choking on a drink
  • "I don't edit this show"
    • "You're going to delete this part, right?"
  • Playing a video with music only, no dialog/voiceover
    • hearing nothing, waiting for YouTube to rebuffer
  • Ryan mentions his phone
  • Opera crashes/fails on Matt; claims it's still the worlds best browser
  • Ryan despairs Matt's use of Debian (or other 'not real' OS); Matt says it works great
  • Matt opening a can of Mtn Dew