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Eight Bit is the gaming show from The-Nexus hosted by Ian Buck and Ian Decker.


The inaugural episode of Eight Bit was recorded on September 9th, 2012. It has been coming out on a regular schedule since then. As of October 7th, 2012, there have been 5 episodes.

Episode Structure

The current episode structure consists of:

  1. Hello
    • up to 20 minutes
  2. Lightning - A fast paced round table alternating gaming headlines section.
    • 10-20 minutes
  3. Main Topic(s) - Often a lengthy discussion about the latest game release.
    • 20-30 minutes
  4. Ending - Often 'Where can we find you on the Internet...?' (Like Steam IDs).


There have been a number of notable guests on Eight Bit.

Recurring Jokes

Due to the newness of the show, jokes are still being established, but here a few of them.

  • Ryan is a ghost (he sits in on the podcast to record and not edit; he is muted on the recorded audio, but everyone on the show can hear him.)
  • References/pot shots at other Nexus shows
  • Everything is an innuendo