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This page consists of the previous FAQ page found at The-Nexus.tv/FAQ.

What inspired the podcasts at The Nexus?

In the old days, Ryan used to watch The Screen Savers with Leo Laporte. When that show ended, Ryan eventually found TWiT, and its ancillary shows like MacBreak Weekly, This Week In Google, and his definite favorite on TWiT, Tech News Today. More recently, Ryan discovered 5by5’s Hypercritical, Back To Work and Build & Analyze. The Vergecast and On The Verge also have a place in his heart. Matt has been a avid viewer of The Linux Action Show.

Matt and Ryan began talking at the local bus stop for hours on end years ago, even in the rain, about technology and thought they should record the conversations. Ryan suggested a podcast and The-Nexus.tv was made in mid-November, 2011.

What equipment is in The Nexus studio?

See Studio Equipment List for detailed information.


What powers the The-Nexus.tv website?

How funny you should wonder. It is powered by WordPress and by a custom, hand built theme, written by Ryan himself. Originally it had been cobbled together in December 2011, but the current them debuted in late June 2012.

Why does The-Nexus.tv website lack obvious features?

The short answer is: why haven’t you suggested it yet? The long answer is: Ryan has limited time to work on the site among other activities. Further, when he developed the original website when the network launched, he made certain mistakes. He’s tried to fix them since and has done a surprisingly good job. He feels that instead of trying to invent the fundamental code for features he would like to bring to the network, he is waiting for the WordPress Core to implement what he feels are obvious features first. Ryan apparently has a disdain for plugins.

Are there going to be other podcasts in the future?

Ryan intends to experiment with new undiscovered hosts in the fall of 2012.