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This document was originally written by Ryan in Google Docs.

While there is a great deal you, as a guest, can do to prepare for an episode, here are the basics:

  • listen to a recent previous episode to get an idea of the show's general flow
  • read the show note structure, read some (and if you're daring, all) of the links
  • find headphones and ensure it works
  • find a microphone and ensure it works
  • setup a Gravatar if you have not already (so we can credit you in our People section)
  • write a short biography for your Personal page (|example)
  • ask your host questions if you have any

Below is a more specific set of steps you can perform to head towards an extraordinary show.

Listen to a few of our previous shows

  • each show follows a generally unchanging format
  • listening to the show you will be on will give up a general idea of the format
  • it gives you an idea of how you sound

Use a quality microphone in a relatively quiet location

  • sounds ridiculous and obvious
  • a microphone built into your laptop or mounted on your desk near your keyboard will pick up extraneous noise like typing
  • we want to have your voice in its best quality so you sound great - we can only do so much in post production
  • if you don’t know if you have a quality microphone, Ryan can tell you via Skype
  • you can get a great USB headset at Target/BestBuy/Walmart for usually under $35

Use headphones

  • this prevents us from hearing ourselves via your computer speakers
  • it also prevents us from distractions coming through your speakers (like a noisy ad bomb)
  • keeps you focused and allows you to hear us better

Read the show notes; read up a little on material

  • generally, we are pretty lax on what you need prepared, the real host will usually prepare before hand a majority of the material
  • read up a few stories or links, or inquire more about the show topics beforehand

Prepare a “Where can we find you on the Internet?”

  • at the end of every show, or when you need to leave, you will be asked to plug yourself
  • you must have a twitter, google+, website, blog - something you actively and currently use that we can link back to
  • if you have a project that you cannot plug for other circumstances, you can simply use your most well known public identity

Refer to the calendar and emails for scheduling

  • The calendar will have a general schedule for the day of any given show
  • Refer to emails from your host or Ryan for the most updated scheduling (emails typically take precedence over the calendar)

Ask if you have questions

  • if you have questions, please ask the show host or Ryan and they will get back to you