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The-Nexus has a number of hosts for each show.

Hosts are given access to:

  • the universal calendar, with permissions to add, change and delete events
  • access to the Twitter account
  • access to the Google+ account
  • access to the shared assets folder

While being a host does grant special access to a number of accounts, only Ryan has the ability currently to access CMS.


Ryan Rampersad

Ryan is the lead host for At The Nexus and co-hosts The Universe with Sam Ebertz occasionally. Ryan created The-Nexus in conjunction with Matthew Petschl in November, 2011. He maintains the website, handles recording, editing and more.

Ryan attends the University of Minnesota.

Matthew Petschl

Matthew Petschl is the mad scientist. He co-hosts with Ryan on At The Nexus and occasionally appears as a guest on other shows.

Matthew attended Saint Paul college as a Networking Technology and Computer Science major.

Sam Ebertz

Sam Ebertz is the actual scientist. Sam is the lead host on The Universe. He attends the University of Minnesota.

Ian Buck

Ian Buck co-hosts Eight Bit along with Ian Decker.

Ian attends the University of Minnesota - Morris.

Ian Decker

Ian Decker co-hosts Eight Bit along with Ian Buck.

Ian attends Gustavus Adolphus.