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The-Nexus has a number of hosts for each show.

Hosts may be given access to the:

  • CMS
  • universal calendar, with permissions to add, change and delete events
  • Twitter account
  • Google+ account
  • shared assets folder

Ryan Rampersad

Ryan is the host for the premiere weekly podcast At The Nexus and formerly co-hosted The Universe. Ryan co-created The-Nexus in November, 2011. He maintains the website, handles recording, editing and more. Ryan attends the University of Minnesota.

Matthew Petschl

Matthew Petschl is the mad scientist. He co-hosts the premiere weekly podcast At The Nexus and occasionally appears as a guest on other shows. He is one of the co-founders of The-Nexus. Rather than software, Matthew’s passion lies in physical technologies. He is a telecommunications installer in training, flooring extraordinaire, and proud member of the Free Software Foundation. Matthew attended Saint Paul college as a Networking Technology and Computer Science major.

Sam Ebertz

Sam Ebertz was the actual scientist. He was the host of The Universe. He attends the University of Minnesota and is studying for a degree in Computer Science in the College of Science and Engineering. In his free time, Sam travels the world – from China to Japan, plays Dungeons and Dragons and develops little canvas scripts for fun.

Ian Buck

Ian Buck is a host of Eight Bit. He is an Eagle Scout, a cross country runner, and is attending The University of Minnesota Morris as a Computer Science Major. He has never lost a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.

Ian Decker

Ian Decker is a host of Eight Bit. He attends Gustavus Adolphus College, majoring in both the classics and music, and is hoping to find some way to teach once all done with college. He plays the Baritone Saxophone in the Gustavus Wind Orchestra and in the Gustavus Jazz Lab Band whilst not playing video games. He’s been playing video games as long as he can remember, starting with playing a game called “Strife” with his dad, and loves playing RPGs and FPSs. His current computer is named Skooja.

Andrew Bailey

Once upon a time, Ryan left the The-Nexus clubhouse door open, and Andrew was the bum that wandered in. Andrew Bailey is the host of Control Structure. Located in Pittsburgh, he likes programming, computers, PC gaming, science, music, and other cool stuff like that. He graduated from Neumont University in 2009.

Christopher Thompson

Christopher Thompson was Andrew Bailey’s room mate back in college. He is the co-host of Control Structure. He is a database administrator that definitely does not live in Kentucky. He graduated from Neumont University in 2009.