Podcast Publishing Guidelines

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Ryan uses this pattern for recording a show.


  1. Start a recording in Audacity
  2. When starting the actual show, add a start marker
  3. When ending the actual show, add a end marker
  4. Pick titles with people on the show
  5. When recording the title, surround it with title start and title end markers
  6. When recording is complete
    • Save the Audacity project in a dedicated folder (e.g. atn89, eb64)
    • Save the Audacity project as, shortname number _ raw (e.g. atn89_raw)
  7. Export a raw flac copy of the Audacity project before editing
  8. Find a silent period in the actual show and use it as Noise Removal seed on the project
  9. Run Normalize, Compressor, Normalize on the project
  10. Create a new Audacity project and copy the actual show segment into it
  11. Edit the show
    • Run silence truncation
    • Bleep the swears
    • Add the title
    • Add the theme music to the beginning and ending
  12. Save the actual show Audacity project as shortname number (e.g. atn89)
  13. Create a new Audacity project and copy the fringe portions of the recording
  14. Edit the fringe
    • Run silence truncation
    • Add the fringe-break (i.e. an audio indicator that defines pre-show and post-show)
  15. Save the fringe as tf number (e.g. tf103)
  16. Export both projects as flac and mp3
  17. Upload to S3
  18. Publish on WordPress CMS