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This is a summary of the method used to publish a podcast for the network. Ryan made this scheme.

As of 2012-10-02, Ryan certifies that this is no longer the complete way of publishing a podcast.


  1. Enable the standalone recording device as soon as a podcast has potential to start
  2. Prepare a folder with the show abbreviation and show number. Example: atn45, tu24
  3. For any false start, start a new Audacity to keep the back up temporary files clean


  1. Before editing, save raw high-bit quality copy of recording (320bit MP3)
  2. For editing Guidelines, refer to the editing section
  3. After editing is complete
    • Save raw high-bit quality copy of edited recording (320bit MP3)
    • Save a lower quality copy of edited recording (64bit MP3)


  1. Balance audio levels
    • Normalize audio
    • Remove constant noise (fan, buzz, etc)
    • (De)Amplify the audio as needed
    • Tone down loud outbursts
    • Increase volume on external audio or other needed parts
  2. Add tones (bleeps) to swear words
  3. Truncate silence audio to shorten it
  4. Add Episode Introduction
    • Choose a title
    • Verify date (of actual recording, not posting)
  5. Add theme music
  6. Verify everything sounds good


  1. Verify produced 64Kbps MP3 sounds correct without corruption
  2. Add Podcast Metadata
  3. Verify metadata appears in VLC
  4. Begin uploading to Amazon S3 / Storage service
  5. Create Episode on The-Nexus.tv CMS
    • Add links with the Title Tool
    • Write short description (less than 200 characters) of episode
    • Add remote storage link to CMS
    • Select category
    • Select album art
    • Set permalink to show abbreviation and show number. Example: atn45, tu24
  6. Publish
  7. Verify the published page has the correct links, description, title, URL and plays audio properly


  1. Use social buttons to Like and +1 the published page
  2. Use @thenexustv Twitter account to share
  3. Publish Facebook description, Google+ descriptions on respective services