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Jump to: navigation, search studio is literally in the basement. Nevertheless, we manage quite well.


We have a wide range of computers in the studio and are always in need of more for various tasks.

Backup / Media Tower

This used to be the primary recording and editing station. In late 2012, it was demoted to a backup station and also aides in storing backups.

  • AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.00 GHz
  • 16GB 1600MHz Corsair RAM (upgraded from 4GB previously to June 2012)
  • 7200RPM Caviar Black 500GB Western Digital HDD
  • Windows 7

This tower originates from the fabled Windows 7 party in October 2009.


The HP 2010 dv6 Pavilion hosts all Skype calls and Google+ hangouts.

  • 1st generation Sandy Bridge i3 2.13 GHz
  • 4GB 1333MHz RAM
  • Windows 8


  • 2007 Lenovo Google laptop is used infrequently but available for guests.
  • During podcast recording, Ryan typically uses his 2011 MacBook Air.
  • Matthew uses his 2011 HP G7-series laptop with Windows 8.
  • HP TouchPad running CM9.nightly is available for non-editing show note access.

Audio Devices


Ryan uses ATH-M40FS headphones and he offers the in studio co-host Sennheiser 202 headphones both hooked up to Behringer HA400 amplifier. Guests in studio currently do not have dedicated headphones.


In studio, we use three Behringer XM1800 dynamic microphones. Currently, we have two on swiveling booms and the third is mountable on demand via a clamp and gooseneck to the side of the desk. We cannot support a second guest in the studio.


We use an incredible (though sometimes troublesome) Mackie 1202 VLZ that was graciously donated. The mixer has a direct line to the Recording / Editing Tower, a mix-minus combination for the Skype-laptop, an open auxiliary line for on-demand inserts for either extra audio devices (laptops, phones, etc) and of course the three microphone XLR inputs.


In the studio room:

  • we have a cheaply made L-shaped desk from Staples
  • an executive level office chair for Ryan
  • two regular fabric office chairs for guests
  • an extremely solid door with a tight seal
  • a series of LED lights strung around the ceiling of the room for ambience"
  • a shrine for all of the products we have or begotten we had