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The Universe is's science podcast hosted by Sam Ebertz with co-host Ryan Rampersad. The podcast covers each week's science news focusing on space and futuristic technology, science fiction pop-ups and more.


The Universe began on February 4th, 2012. To date, The Universe has 14 episodes. There is a complete list of episodes.

From late June to early August 2012, Sam was absent from The Universe while off in China. Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad attempted to record a few episodes.

Episode Structure

The current episode structure was implemented in beta form in episode 14, and in final form in episode 15. It consists of:

  1. Intro - Basically anything before the news, though it usually contains the greetings, introductions, banter, off-topic inclusions and more.
  2. Past Events - Also known as "Big Events That Happened Before The Show," this segment is a review of important news that happened since the last episode.
  3. Talking Points - This section contains a medley of things, such as minor news from the week, cool topics the hosts want to talk about, and discussions of articles from various sources.
  4. Media - Generally a lengthy discussion on a few very important large stories of the week.
  5. Future Events - Also known as "Big Events That Will Happen After The Show," this segment is a preview of calendar events that are upcoming, from NASA mission milestones to The Nexus staff activities.
  6. Outro - A few concluding thoughts, off-topic banter, and usually a 'Where can we find you on the Internet...?' for each of the episode participants.


There have been a number of notable guests on The Universe.

Recurring Jokes

  • The Universe
  • Ryan's favorite unit of measure (lumens per lumen per lumen)